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Sibi District of Balochsitan Pakistan 1- Sibi Tahsil consists of 6 circles i.e. Sangan, Sibi, Kurak, Khajjak, Talli and mall. 2- Harnai Tahsil consists of 5 circles i.e. Kowas, Kach, Shahrag, Harnai and Babian. Sibi Fort (Siwi Fort) Sibi also finds place in the popular accounts of the Chachnama wherein it is narrated that […]

Dehpal Tribe lived in Sibi Fort
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Sibi Tehsil Ancient Records

Sibi Tehsil Ancient Records The ancient documents of Sibi Tehsil office Tax collection and original files of Government records. The records of Sibi district preserved in separate office rooms. The Barozai section is the Sardar khel among the Pannis of Sibi. The present head of the Barozai family is Sardar Muhammad Khan who resides in […]

Prime Minister Zulfiqar Bhutto with Chief Minister nawab Muhammad Khan barozai and Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmad Yaar Ahmadzai
History of Barozais.

History of Barozais.

The history of the Barozai dates from about 1470 when Baro Khan, the founder of the Barozais, ingratiated himself with the Mizri who were then in possession of Dhadar and married the daughter of the chief. On the decay of the Arghun rule, the Pannis increased in power and importance, and about 1570 -1575 are found as being in possession of the Sibi fort and district.

Kurak Town of Sibi district.

Kurak Town of Sibi district.

Kurak Town of Sibi district. The assignments which comprise the Jagirs of Kurak and Sangan originated in the influential position held by the Barozai sardars during the Afghan occupation on the country. The Jagir of Kurak estimated value of which is Rs. 10,000/- a year was enjoyed by the Baruzai Sardars during the Afghan rule […]