Sibi Fort Dome
Sibi City

Sibi City

Historical images of Sibi district . The Sibi is Ancient Historical city of Balochistan Pakistan having pre-historic site i.e Safi Pirak Mound and Luni Mound and ancient Sibi Fot. Sibi Fort Khajjak Fort Sibi District Public works The following are the principal buildings in the District. Work Year when Completed Approximate cost. Political Agent’s house […]

Nari Gorge Water Sources
Sources of irrigation

Sources of irrigation and method of division of water in Sibi district

The sources of irrigation in the Sibi Tehsil are streams and springs. The latter are to be met with only in mauza Tal Rekhmin of the Sibi circle. The former, which are locally known as Rods or Nalas, are of two kinds. Perennial and periodical. The latter receive their water supply from floods during rains.

Dehpal Tribe lived in Sibi Fort
Sibi Historical images

Sibi Tehsil Ancient Records

Sibi Tehsil Ancient Records The ancient documents of Sibi Tehsil office Tax collection and original files of Government records. The records of Sibi district preserved in separate office rooms. The Barozai section is the Sardar khel among the Pannis of Sibi. The present head of the Barozai family is Sardar Muhammad Khan who resides in […]